What size are the flags?

Each flag is custom made, and no two flags are exactly alike. We try to stick with a general flag  dimension of 36”x19”x2”, however due to variations in the wood, some flags may be slightly smaller or slightly larger.

Are the flags suitable for outdoor display?

The flags are sealed with an indoor/outdoor use Spar-Urethane.  If you specifically request it, we can add a coat of glossy polyurethane to your flag, for added protection, but it will take longer to get your flag.  Both of these sealers will not make your flag waterproof, but they will help protect it from the elements. Don’t forget that this is wood, so some natural aging will occur if you keep it outside.

Do your flags come ready-to-hang?

YES! We install heavy gauge wire to the back of each flag so all you need to do is locate a stud in the desired hanging location, and use a screw or nail.  Hang and enjoy!

Can I have my flag personalized?

Yes! You can add a custom name/badge/unit number for an additional fee. On the product page, please check the drop down menu for "Personalization" and leave instructions for us in the box that appears. We carve the badge numbers in the bottom right corner, or the personalized lettering in the middle of the flag on the torched (black) line below the Union.

**Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for personalized products** 

Will my flag look like the one on the website?

While the design will be the same, please remember each flag is custom made, and no two flags are exactly alike. We like to leave the integrity of our hand cut wood, so you can expect minor dents, knots, and cracks. The wood is then torched by hand to expose the grain, which gives the flag that unique burnt look. While we strive to torch each flag to the same shade, because they are done by hand and not a machine, some slats may be slightly darker or slightly lighter. Overall, the flags have the same look with very minor differences, making them truly one-of-a-kind!

What are your return policies?

If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact kim@torchstories.com to discuss replacement or exchange options. A request for return must be done within 5 days of receiving your flag. Refunds can only be processed by using the same method that was used to place the order.